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For the first time in Turkey, renal autotransplantation in 7 cats and renal allotransplantation in 7 cats having blood-crossmatch-compatible donors were performed. Immunosuppression was maintained by a prednisolone-cyclosporin combination in the renal allotransplantation group. All cats in the renal allotransplantation group died during the operation or between 3 and 72 h postoperatively. Two cats in the renal autotransplantation group survived approximately 2 years. Hyperacute or acute rejection findings were not encountered according to perioperative observations, laboratory findings or histopathological evaluations of renal allografts. The results of histopathological evaluations of renal allografts indicated acute tubular necrosis (ATN) findings caused by renal hypoperfusion due to hypotension. The reason for ATN was considered to be a result of hypotension that invasive methods could not control.


Cat, transplantation, kidney, immunosuppression, cyclosporin

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