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The aim of this study was to determine the effects of FSH and LH hormones on in vitro development of cat oocytes. The ovaries from spayed cats were brought to the laboratory in +4 °C PBS solution two hours after being collected. The oocytes were recovered by slicing of ovaries and were separated into two groups: Group 1 (Control); TCM 199 + 5% FCS + 2.2 g/l NaHCO_3 + 0.23 mM Na Pyruvate; and Group 2 (Treatment); TCM 199 + 5% FCS + 2.2 g/l NaHCO_3 + 0.23mM Na Pyruvate + FSH (Sigma F-2293) (1 µg/ml) + LH (Sigma L-5269) (1 µg/ml). Oocytes were matured for 48 hours at 38.5 °C and 5% CO_2 in a humidified atmosphere. At the end of this period oocytes were fixed, stained and evaluated for maturation criteria by phase-contrast microscope at x400 magnification. Data were analyzed statistically by Student's t - test. A total of 428 oocytes (Control: 203; Treatment: 225) were used. Eleven of the control group oocytes were at M I (5.4%), 2 (0.98%) were at anaphase I and 2 (0.98%) were at M II stage. These values for the treatment group were 25 (11.11%), 0 (0.00%) and 6 (2.66%), respectively. There was no statistical difference between the control and hormone added groups (p>0.05). For the oocytes which continued to undergo meiosis, the difference between the groups (Control: 22.66%; Treatment: 31.55%) was statistically significant (p


Cat, Oocyte, In Vitro Maturation, Gonadotrophins

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