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In this study Cu, Zn, Pb and Cd contents were analyzed in liver and muscle tissues of ten fish species (Mullus barbatus, Mugil cephalus, Trachurus trachurus, Pagellus acarne, Dicentrarchus labrax, Sparus auratus, Sardinella aurita, Boops boops, Scomber japonicus, Solea solea) caught in the Gulf of Antalya in January, February and March 2000. Cu and Zn contents were found to be 0.51-3.66 mg/kg and 3.17-11.36 mg/kg in fish muscles and 0.83-4.44 mg/kg and 3.97-15.14 mg/kg in liver tissue respectively. Pb and Cd, important heavy metals for human health, were found at levels of 0.00-2.05 mg/kg and 0.00-0.13 mg/kg in fish muscle and 0.00-2.25 mg/kg and 0.03-0.15 mg/kg in liver tissue respectively.

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