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The aim of this investigation was to compare some quality characteristics of goose-meat salami with those of turkey- and chicken-meat salami in order to determine its suitability for consumption and to able to use goose meat for meat product technology. The pH values of experimental samples were highest in the goose-meat salami and lowest in the turkey-meat salami. Moisture rates of samples produced with a mixture of two kinds of poultry meat were lower than those of the others. Salmonella, coliform group bacteria and yeast-mould microorganisms were negligible in the experimental salami samples. Salami samples produced only from goose meat had the lowest points with respect to flavour, texture and appearance characteristics. It was concluded that goose meat could be used if mixed with other poultry meat in the production of salami and it was not acceptable in terms of sensory properties when used alone.


Salami, goose meat, turkey meat, chicken meat, quality

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