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In this study, the oviducts of 10 laying hens aged 8 months and 10 oviducts of pullets aged 2 months were comparatively examined. The oviducts of hens consisted of five regions: infundibulum, magnum, isthmus, uterus and vagina. Tissue samples were taken from the five oviduct regions. The samples were fixed in 10% neutral formalin and embedded in paraffin and then cut into 6 micron sections. Tissue sections were stained with triple, PAS, PAS/Ab, Ab, performic acid/Ab and examined with a light microscope. The epithelium of the oviduct consisted of ciliated and secretory cells. In laying hens, activated tubular glands were seen in the lamina propria of the magnum, isthmus and uterus. In pullets, the tubular glands were not seen in the same regions. In laying hens, PAS reactions were seen in the isthmus, and performic acid/Ab reactions were seen in the magnum strongly. PAS and performic acid/Ab reactions were not seen in the uterus. In pullets, negative reactions to this staining were seen in these regions.


Oviduct, laying hen, histochemistry, pullet

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