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This experiment was conducted to compare the kid growth and doe milk production under kid suckling and milk replacer (MR) regimes. Thirty does with single kids were randomly assigned into two equal groups (15 kids per group): the control group, where kids suckled freely, and the MR group, where kids were fed with MR containing 21% fat and 22% protein. Kids were weighed at birth, at 15, 30, and 45 days of age and at weaning at the age of 60 days. The growth rate of kids, and the 60-day and lactation milk yield of dams were not statistically affected by the kid rearing systems. However, kid rearing on MR increased farm profitability on the basis of milk price and the body weight of kids. According to the results, MR for kid rearing can be profitably used in Shami goat raising without any negative effects on kid growth.


Shami goats, kid rearing, milk replacer

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