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In this study, corpus mandibula fractures were experimentally induced on 30 rabbits and 3 different materials were used for fixation. Thirty rabbits were arranged into 3 groups and then wire, polydioxanone and mini plate and screw osteosynthesis materials were used. The fracture healing was examined and compared with clinical, radiological and histological results. From the radiological results the parameters of groups were compared with Lane and Sandhu scale system in terms of callus tissue, mineralization and remodeling. The histological results were evaluated according to the Modified Heiple scoring and compared for histological fracture healing and callus tissue. At the end of the radiological and histological evaluation the 3^{rd} group had the most logical data with mini titanium plate and screws system. In conclusion, with statistical data in mandibular fracture mini titanium plates and screws are found to be the safest way. In addition, the polydioxanone suture material was considered for use instead of wire suture material if necessary.


Wire, polydioxanone, mini plate, titanium, osteosynthesis, mandible, fracture, experimental study, rabbit

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