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The goal of this study was to evaluate the abnormal spermatozoa rates and types of American Bronze turkeys under Turkish conditions. Semen was collected from toms by abdominal massage and pooled once a week for 10 weeks. After pooling, the semen samples were examined morphologically and mean abnormal rates and types were evaluated. A total abnormal spermatozoa rate of 17 ± 0.06% was determined. Acrosome and mid-piece defects were the leading defects at 66 ± 0.36%. Tail defects of 22 ± 0.18% and head defects of 11 ± 0.11% were the next most prevalent. In conclusion, we observed that the most common morphological defects were at the acrosome and the mid-piece, and these organelles were the most sensitive to various environmental conditions.


Turkey, spermatozoa, morphology, defect

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