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For food and environmental analysis, coliform bacteria and especially E. coli should be determined and enumerated rapidly, correctly and economically. Even if the results are obtained either by traditional or improved techniques, the results require confirmation, meaning that these techniques are not reliable. Confirmation tests need additional time and/or cost. In this study, 500 food samples of 10 various types were analyzed for their natural coliform contamination by the standard MPN method and E. coli by two MUG based MPN techniques. Enumeration results were statistically analyzed to determine whether confirmation tests for coliform and E. coli analysis are necessary or not according to the results of three statistical reliability analyses: Pearson's correlation coefficient (r), Cronbach's alpha (\alpha) and determination coefficient (r^2). The results clearly showed that BGB broth confirmation for LST broth in coliform analysis and indole test confirmation for MUG test in E. coli analysis are not necessary (p < 0.0001).


Coliforms, E. coli, MUG, LST broth, indole test, BGB broth

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