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This study was conducted to determine the effects of defaunation and zinc on weight gain, mohair production and quality as well as on some parameters related to blood and rumen contents in Angora goats. In the study, 24 male Angora goats, aged 10-12 months and weighing approximately 18 kg were used. The animals were equally divided into four groups as faunated (F), defaunated (D), faunated +Zn (F+Zn) and defaunated +Zn (D+Zn). Groups F and D were fed with a control ration containing 35 ppm Zn, the groups F+Zn and D+Zn were fed with the same ration supplemented by 250 ppm Zn ad libitum during the investigation. Defaunation and adding zinc to the ration did not affect the pH level of the rumen content. NH_3-N levels of the rumen contents in group F were found to be significantly higher (p


Angora goat, Defaunation, Zinc, Mohair, Haematological parameters, Rumen parameters.

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