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This study was conducted to determine the effects of different cage densities on laying performance of white and brown hybrid layers during high summer temperatures. White layers, 68 weeks of age, were housed at a density of 3, 4 or 5 hens/cage (respectively 640, 480 and 384 cm^2/hen); brown layers were housed at 3 or 4 hens/cage (respectively 640 and 480 cm^2/hen). The results indicated that housing at 3 or 4 hens/cage did not affect egg production or egg quality significantly. Increasing the cage density to 5 hens/cage in white layers decreased egg production and Haugh Units. However, it was observed that shell quality and egg weight were not affected significantly by higher cage density.


Laying hens, high temperature, cage density, egg production, egg quality, rectal temperature

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