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The levels of adenosine deaminase in different periods of pregnancy and after parturition were investigated in 13 ewes. Blood samples were collected on the day of mating and on days 10, 21, 35, 75, 104, 144 of pregnancy and on day 10 after parturition. Sera were harvested from these samples and adenosine deaminase levels were assayed as IU/L. Adenosine deaminase levels were high on the day of mating and after parturition but decreased during pregnancy. The lowest level was assayed just before parturition. Levels at the sampling times were 8.91, 8.30, 5.50, 3.96, 3.80, 2.18, 1.67 and 10.51 IU/L, respectively. Adenosine deaminase levels were different at mating time, on days 21, 35 and 104 and after parturition (P


Ewe, Pregnancy, Adenosine deaminase, Serum

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