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The aim of the present study is to determine free and bound residues of 3H-aflatoxin B_1 given orally by a gavage at a single dose (1 mg/kg body weight) in the liver tissues of broilers, and to show whether they accumulate as free and bound aflatoxin B_1 residues in the tissues of liver and muscle of the rats that consumed the liver of those broilers. A total of 30 Ross PM-3 broilers and 49 male Sprague-Dawley rats were used in the study. Free aflatoxin B_1 residue in the liver tissues of the chicken treatment group after 12h was found to be 39.30±2.32 ng/g, and bound residue to be 100.17±6.80 pmol/mg DNA. Free and bound residues were not determined in the liver and muscle tissues of the rats that received bound aflatoxin B1 residue. Free residue levels in the liver and muscle tissues of the rats given free aflatoxin B_1 residues at 12, 24 and 48h of the waiting period were measured to be 0.52±0.04, 0.35±0.02, 0.11±0.02, 0.20±0.02, 0.13±0.01 and 0.06±0.01 ng/g, respectively. Likewise, bound residue levels in the same tissues of the same rats were found to be 1.40±0.12, 1.19±0.08, 0.80±0.04, 0.84±0.07, 0.69±0.07 and 0.49±0.06 pmol/mg DNA.


Aflatoxin B_1, free residue, bound residue, broiler, rat

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