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This investigation was carried out to determine the possibilities of sexing day-old Denizli Fowl by means of slow and rapid feathering characteristics. First generation birds (253) were classified according to their day-old wing feathering types as follows: 40 chicks had primaries longer than the covert feathers (rapid feathering), 81 chicks had primaries shorter than the covert feathers and 132 chicks had primaries equal to the coverts (slow feathering). By means of test crossings amongst the rapid feathering males and slow feathering females, 63 male and 49 female day-olds were obtained. The male group consisted of 5 rapid feathering and 58 slow feathering day-olds while the female group consisted of 38 rapid feathering and 11 slow feathering day-olds. Feathering rate records were also kept for the birds at 9 weeks of age and shank melanization differences were recorded for the day-olds in different sex groups.


Day-old chick, Denizli fowl, Feathering characteristics, Shank skin melanization, Sexing

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