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It was found that the histological features of all native and hybrid sheep skins used in this study were similar to those well documented previously. The total skin thickness was determined to be thickest for Hampshire X Kıvırcık (F_1) (3507.2 \mu), and thinnest for Kıvırcık (2897.8 \mu). It was observed that the stratum corneum of the skin of Kıvırcık and Kıvırcık hybrids was thicker than that of Karacabey Merino and their hybrids. The deposition of lipids was seen on the surface of the epidermis of Karacabey Merino sheep and their hybrids. When compared with the other breed, it was noted that the number of total follicles in 1 mm^2 was higher, the S/P rate was higher and the diameter of the primary and secondary follicle was thinner in the Karacabey Merino sheep.


sheep, skin, histology

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