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Trifolium pratense contains phytoestrogens and thus it has estrogenic activity. Estrogen has an important role in the development of the reproductive system and the maintanence of its function, and for this reason the effect of Trifolium pratense on sperm parameters and spermatogenesis was examined. Furthermore, its acute toxicity was established. In this study, the motility and morphology of epididymal spermatozoa taken from animals fed diets contains 20% and 40% Trifolium pratense, were affected. Statistically insignificant differences in the diameter of the seminiferous tubule and the number of primary spermatocytes between the control and experimental groups were observed. Intraperitoneal LD_{50} was found to be 4237 mg/kg. These findings indicate that this plant has low toxicity but negative effects on sperm parameters.


Trifolium pratense, acute toxicity, spermatogenesis, mice

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