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This study was carried out on 93 sheep and 92 goats which were all clinically healthy and raised in the pasture conditions in the Hatay region. Blood samples were collected from the jugular vein between June and July (1999) in Altınözü, Reyhanlı, Yayladağı, Samandağı and Dörtyol province. Serum samples were analysed by atomic absorption spectrophotometry for copper and zinc. Sodium and potassium levels were determined by flame photometry, calcium levels were quantified by Eppendorf photometry, magnesium was measured by spectrophotometry and selenium was determined by fluorometry. In the Hatay region, Mg 1.08±0.02 mmol/L, Ca 2.38±0.06 mmol/L, Na 149.07±2.06 mmol/L, K 3.05±0.07 mmol/L, Cu 0.32±0.01 ppm, Zn 0.22±0.01 ppm and Se 0.12±0.01 ppm were found in sheep; Mg 1.13±0.02 mmol/L, Ca 2.11±0.05 mmol/L, Na 149.37±2.65 mmol/L, K 3.06±0.05 mmol/L, Cu 0.33±0.02 ppm, Zn 0.21±0.00 ppm and Se 0.16±0.00 ppm were measured in goats. Calcium, Mg, Na and Se levels were found to be within the normal range in both sheep and goats. However, K levels were slightly lower in some regions, and Cu and Zn levels were under critical levels in all regions. It is concluded that Cu and Zn should be added to the rations of goats and sheep.


Serum, mineral substance, sheep, goat, Hatay

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