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This study was carried out to investigate the survival rate, growth characteristics and some body measurements of Akkaraman and Sakız (Chios) x Akkaraman F_1 lambs. The Akkaraman breed has a fat tail and is raised in Central Anatolia, while Sakız has a long, but low fat tail and is raised in coastal areas of Western Anatolia. In the study, fertility results of Akkaraman x Akkaraman and Sakız x Akkaraman (SA) were determined to be 83.67 and 75.44% for birth rates, and 1.12 and 1.16 for litter size, respectively. The survival rates of Akkaraman and SA F_1 lambs at weaning (90 days) were 91.30 and 92.00%, respectively. The least squares means obtained for Akkaraman and SA F_1 lambs were 4.39 and 4.32 kg for birth weight, 26.38 and 25.48 kg for weaning weight, 36.55 and 35.47 kg for 180 day weight and 49.90 and 49.10 kg for one year old weight; and for body measurements, 54.81 and 55.52 cm for wither heights, 53.61 and 54.43 cm for body lengths, 69.65 and 68.27 cm for chest girths, 24.53 and 24.91 cm for chest depths, 7.18 and 7.11 cm for cannon bone circumference, and 44.22 and 32.83 cm for the widest circumference of the tail at weaning, respectively. The results of the study showed that survival rate and growth characteristics of crossbred lambs in Central Anatolian conditions were satisfactory and similar to those of Akkaraman lambs.


Akkaraman, Chios, crossbreeding, fertility, survival rate, growth, body measurements

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