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This research was conducted to determine the characteristics of reproductive performance of Holstein Friesian cows raised at Kocas state farm in Central Anatolia. The material of the research was 362 dairy cows raised from 1988 to 1995 at Kocas State farm. Statistical analysis of records was conducted with the Minitab version 9.2 computer program. Significant differences between groups were determined by the method of Least Significant Difference (LSD). The general mean values of first breeding age, age at first calving, reproductive efficiency, calving interval, gestation length, dry period, service period and insemination number per conception were 18.04±0.10 months, 27.70±0.11 months, 96.50±0.32%, 12.30±0.05 months, 276.50±0.17 days, 65.37±0.78 days, 93.33±1.57 days and 1.33±0.02, respectively.


Holstein-Friesian, reproductive performance, calving interval, gestation length, dry period, days open, reproductive efficiency

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