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In this research 30 sucuk samples were obtained from 5 meat plants with high capacity, during 3 months (January 1998-March 1998) at 15 day intervals. At the results of determination of the 30 sucuk samples, 80% of them was not shown acceptable colour development and 93.33% had a soft texture. 83.33% of the samples cut from the surface was not indicated good colour development and 50% of them has not good marble form. The taste and aroma of 53.33% was good, 36.67% was normal. And 10% was unwanted taste and aroma. At the result of chemical analysis, pH range of 4.76-6.90. Water contents of the samples were 42.26-53.68% (average 47.58%) The fat ratios of the samples were 23.33-32.00%. Protein ratios were 15.24-20.13% (average 17.16%). Collagen connective tissue ratio in total protein were 16.64-29.00% (average 22.41%). It was found that nitrite ratios of the samples were changed between 41.80 and 631.03 ppm (average 263.842 ppm). Salt ratios of the samples were 2.14-2.80% (average 2.50%). Evaluation of these results indicated that the sucuk produced is not compatible with GMT or TS 1070. Great variations were observed in sucuk depending on the production company and production consignment. Therefore, plants have to achieve standard quality in production.


Fermented Sausage, Sucuk, Chemical Characteristics, Sensory Characteristics, Standardisation

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