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A total of 473 sera from hens of different age groups and different breeds and a total of 430 eggs were collected from 11 breeders and egg producers in the districts of Adapazarı, Afyon, Ankara and Konya. Lipopolysaccharide (LPS), heat-extract (HE) and flagella antigens were tested in the standardizing ELISA technique. Flagella antigen was found useful in the screening of field samples. Of the 48 (10.2%) rapid plate agglutination positive sera, 7 were negative in ELISA. One hundred and seventy-three (36.6%) of the 473 sera and 76 (17.7%) of the 430 egg yolks were found to be positive with ELISA. Forty-one (23.7%) of the ELISA positive sera were also positive in the rapid plate agglutination test.


ELISA, Salmonella enteritidis, serum, chicken, egg yolk

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