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Seroprevalence of Babesia ovis in Awassi sheep was studied in Urfa and environs between November 1997 and October 1998. A total of 607 serum samples were collected from sheep in 12 different localities, and tested for the presence of antibodies to B. ovis by using an indirect ELISA. Blood smears were also prepared from 110 sheep. The overall prevalence of B. ovis infection was 41.02%. B. ovis was only detected in two blood smears examined (1.82%). A total of 86 ticks were collected from the sheep during the study. Of the ticks examined, 17.44% were Rhipicephalus turanicus, 54.65% were Haemophysalis sulcata, 11.63% were Hyalomma anatolicum excavatum and 16.28% were other species (5.81% Haemophysalis parva and 10.47% Rhipicephalus sanguineus).

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