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This study was carried out to determine the effect of various quantitative and qualitative feed restriction methods during the growing period on the reproductive performance of broiler breeder hens. Normal and low density diets were offered to broiler breeder pullets by three different qualitative restriction methods (every day, skip-a-day, five days in a week). The trial was conducted on 864 4 to 72 week old Avian AK-34 broiler breeder hens. The qualitative and quantitative restriction methods, examined during the growing period, had no significant effect on egg production, chick weight, settable egg rate, egg yolk and egg albumen weight, egg specific gravity, classification of unsettable eggs, body weight of hens, fertility or hatchability. Enriching the diet density increased hatchable egg weight (P


Growing period, qualitative and quantitative feed restriction, egg production and reproductive performance.

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