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This study was performed to investigate the clinical findings, some hematological and biochemical findings, and sex and age status in feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) seropositive cats. In 37 FIV-seropositive cats, different clinical symptoms were observed (group 1). However, seven of the FIV-seropositive cats showed no clinical symptoms (group 2). The control group was made up of 116 healthy cats. FIV infection was seen more in male cats (78.4%) than in female cats. 62% of the FIV-seropositive cats were over 5 years old. Group 1 of FIV-seropositive cats showed symptoms of stomatitis/gingivitis (21.6%), extreme weight loss (10.8%), chronic infection in the respiration ways (10.8%), anemia (13.5%), swollen lymph nodes (8.1%), tumors (5.4%), disease of eyes (5.4%), anorexia (13.5%), limping (8.1%), uremia (13.5%), diarrhea and vomit (5.4%), dermatitis (5.4%) and cardiomyopathy (5.4%). When the biochemical parameters of group 1 were compared with those of the control group, the enzyme activities of ALT and GLDH, and the concentrations of plasma bilirubin, total protein, urea and potassium were significantly increased (p


Feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), symptoms, clinical biochemistry, hematology

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