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The effects of physical texture of feed and feeding regimes in broiler's gizzards were observed. Firstly, chicks were divided into three groups. The chicks in groups A, B and C were fed on mash, mash + pellet and crumble + pellet respectively. These groups were exposed to ad libitum and meal feeding, and grit was added to this feed. On day fourty-two, the chicks were sacrificed and the characteristics of the gizzard were observed. The impact of adding grit to the broiler rations on the weight and volume of the gizzard of broiler having ad-libitum rations was investigated. Statistically significant differences were not found in terms of the weight and the volume of the gizzard of the broilers between the broiler groups which had and did not have grits in their rations. The same statistical result was found in the broilers which were fed on meal. However, when the grit was not added to the rations, it was established that there were statistically significant differences between the groups (P < 0.005). With different feeding regimes and the addition of grit to rations, it was seen that there were significant differences in the weight of the gizzard between the groups. Furthermore, it was established that with the grit and physiological texture of the feed ration, the mucoza of the gizzard thickened.


broiler, grit, gizzard, feeding regimes, physical texture

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