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This study was carried out to determine the effects of heat and sodiummetabisulfite treated soybeans in broiler rations on live weight, feed consumption, feed efficiency, and the weights of the liver, pancreas, kidney, spleen and heart and the severity of lesions in these organs. A total of 160 one- day - old Hysex Brown broiler chicks were used in the experiment. There were eight groups each containing 20 chicks. The experiment lasted seven weeks. In the group which was fed the ration containing raw soybean, live weight decreased 49.08% compared to the control group. While the raw soybean caused considerable pancreatic hypertrophy and hyperplasia, fatty liver and passive hyperemia, and tubulonephritis in the kidney were detected in all the groups excluding the control group. There were no pathological alterations in the heart or spleen. Soybean treated with heat and sodiummetabisulfite decreased live weight when compared to raw soybean. On the other hand, heat and sodiummetabisulfite treated soybeans reduced the severity of pancreatic hypertrophy and hyperplasia. Therefore, it was concluded that the heat treatment of 121°C for 40 minutes was not effective. But the heat treatment of 121°C for 40 minutes with 2% sodium metabisulfite yielded favorable results.


Soybean, Broiler, Live weight, Feed efficiency, Sodium metabisulfite

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