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The use of arthroscopy and arthrography in order to describe the stifle joint lesions causing lameness in dogs was studied, and a comparison of the results of these techniques was made. For the experimental part of the study,survey radiographs were taken, arthrography and arthroscopy were performed consencutively in 20 stifle joints of 10 clinically healthy dogs of different breed, sex, age, and weight. The same procedures were performed in 3 cases which were referred to the Department of Surgery. According to the results,while it is possible to detect the bony tissue and stifle joint space in direct radiography,the suprapatellar pouch,plate of tibia,meniscus,joint cartilage and capsula were detected with arthrography. However, the best visualisation of the joint and related structures can be obtained by using arhroscopy. In conclusion,arthrography alone is not thought to be sufficient for a reliable diagnosis, but using arthrography with arthroscopy together was decided to be the most suitable technique for the diagnosis of joint diseases in dogs.


Arthrography, Arthroscopy, Direct radiography, Dog, Stifle joint

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