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In this study,808 vimba (Vimba vimba tenella(Nordmann,1840))individuals captured during October 1996-April 1998 from Karacaören I Dam Lake and some properties of reproduction were investigated. In the vimba population,age composition varied from 0-VII and 73.51% of the investigated samples belonged to I-II age group. The population was composed of 50.74% females and 49.26% males. It was determined that the reproductive activity of the vimba in the Karacaören I Dam Lake started in the middle of April and continued until the end of June. Sexual maturity ages were found to be II-III for females and II for males. Average egg numbers belonging to age groups varied between 8039 for II age individuals and 28137 for VII age and the mean egg number for each kg fish was 20046 egg/kg.


Karacaören I Dam Lake, Vimba vimba tenella, reproduction

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