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This paper is the second part of a study carried out to reveal the comparative production performances and effect of some environmental factors on the production characteristics of Chios and Imroz ewes kept in a single flock under semi-intensive conditions. In this part of the study milk yields, lactation lengths and fleece weights and characteristics were considered. Mean lactation lengths and milk yield of Chios ewes were 203 days and 73.92 kg respectively; the comparative values for Imroz ewes were 223 days and 102.04 kg respectively. At the first shearing (6 months of age), average fleece weights of Chios and Imroz lambs were 0.94 kg and 0.91 kg respectively. Mean staple length and fiber diameter of female Chios lambs were respectively 7.69 cm and 27.90 microns (µ). The comparative values for female Imroz lambs were 11.83 cm and 31.82 microns (µ) respectively. Average fleece weight, staple length and fiber diameter were 1.95 kg, 12.40 cm and 28.26 microns (µ) for Chios ewes and 2.61 kg, 22.93 cm and 32.30 microns (µ) for Imroz ewes respectively. In this study, important production factors of Chios and Imroz ewes reared under semi-intensive conditions at the ‡anakkale- Kumkale State Farm were evaluated and a difference in favour of Imroz ewes was observed in the average values of milk yields and lactation periods of the two genotypes. However, this difference was mainly due to herd management. Milking and shearing were started simutaneously in both genotypes, but due to different insemination periods, lambing lasted longer and suckling was shorter in the Imroz breed. This caused such differences to occur in milking period and milk yield.


Sheep, Chios, Imroz, milk yield, fleece yields and characteristics.

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