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A feeding trial was conducted to study the effects of dietary astaxanthin concentration on muscle pigmentation of rainbow trout ( Oncorhynchus mykiss) with a mean initial weight of 270 g fed diets supplemented with astaxanthin in diet concentrations of 60 (group II) and 90 mg/kg (group III) for 35 days. A control (I) group received a diet without astaxanthin. At the end of the experiment, the trout showed average body weight increases of 250.660g, 261.675 g and 234.410 g, and the flesh reached a level of 0.695 mg/kg, 10.539 mg/kg and 11.954 mg carotenoid/kg in groups I, II and III, respectively (initially, 0.595 mg/kg). Fish pigmentation increased with increasing dietary carotenoid concentration. But the retention coefficients decreased as the pigment dose in the diet increased.


Rainbow trout ( Oncorhynchus mykiss), pigmentation, astaxanthin

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