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Protein bands of hydatid fluids of sheep liver were determined by SDS-PAGE and Western blotting, and this was followed by the determination of specific bands of hydatid cysts for sheep and humans. For diagnostic purposes, 30 positive and 20 negative sheep sera, 1 commercially obtained non-infected sheep serum, and 10 posi- tive and 10 negative human sera were used in this experiment. According to our results, the specific protein band for hydatid dis- ease in sheep was determined as 116 kDa, while the specific protein bands for hydatid disease in humans were determined as 68 and 8 kDa. We determined that the diagnosis of hydatid disease in sheep and humans is possible with the use of the purified specific proteins obtained in this study. After putting these research results into practice, there will be no need to import expensive ready-made kits for the diagnosis of hydatid disease in humans.


Hydatid cyst, SDS-PAGE, Western blotting

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