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This study was conducted to determine the effects of high (0-3 wk age 3100 kcal ME/kg and 23% CP; 4-6 wk age 3200 kcal ME/kg and 21% CP) and low (0-3 wk age 2900 kcal ME/kg and 21% CP; 4-6 wk age 3000 kcal ME/kg and 19% CP) nutrient density and feed form (mash, crumble and pellet) on broiler performance, rectal temperature and carcass characteristics in high summer temperatures. The research was carried out over 42 days during the period July 4 - August 16, 1996. Nine-hundred-day-old broiler chicks were randomly distributed into groups containing 50 chicks each with 3 replications. The results indicated that mixed feeds for broilers should be in pellet or cumble form in both high and low nutrient density during high summer temperatures.


Broiler, Nutrient density, Feed form, High temperature

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