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In this study, has been carried out to investigate some growth features of the red mullet ( Mullus barbatusLinnaeus, 1758) which is the important commercially species of the North Aegean Sea. Have been examined: Sex distrubution, growth in lenght and weight,condition factor, diet regimes and spawning period. The percentage of females was 68.78 % and males 31.22 % out of 474 specimens which ranged between age group I - IV. The lenght and weight differences between females and males were not statistictically significant. The lenght- weight relationship and growth equations were estimated as follows, respectively: W =0.0157 L 2.9811 , Lt = 26.08 (1-e -0.127(t+3.5354) ) and Wt = 274.28 (1-e -0.127(t+3.5354) ) 2.9811 ; The average condition factor of population was determined as 1.4996 ± 0.0116. According to findings; Crustacea, Mollusca, Polychaeta and Echinodermataare taken as food. It has been determined that spawning period occurs during march and september, and sexual maturity occurs at the age of one year.


Edremit Bay, Mullus barbatus, lenght- weight relationship, condition factor, diet regimes, gonadosomatic index.

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