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Acid glycine extract (AGE) and whole cell (WC) antibodies wer e used in ELISA testing for the detection of Campylobacter fetus subsp. venerealis and subsp. fetus antibodies in the blood sera of 150 female cattle and 100 bulls which wer e one year old or older . It was observed that AGE antibody was mor e specific than WC antibody . A cr oss r eaction was detected between C. fetus subsp. venerealis and subsp. fetus. Thus, it was concluded that for Campylobacter ELISA could only be used as a monitoring test. In dir ect diagnosis of C. fetus with the Indir ect Flur escent Antibody T est and A vidin-Biotin Staining, 36% and 31.2% positivity wer e detected in 125 samples of vaginal mucus. 42% and 40% positivity wer e detected with the same test in 100 samples of pr eputial fluid. The differ ences of 5% and 2% between the two positivity values wer e not found to be statistically significant. The AB me thod is suggested for dir ect diagnosis.


Campylobacter fetus, ELISA, IF A, A vidin-Biotin.

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