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The aim of this study was to evaluate heavy metal levels in mussels ( Unio stevenianus Krynicki) obtained from Van Lake. A total of 120 samples representing each of the four seasons was collected between 01.01.1994 and 01.01.1995. The organic parts of the samples were ashed with a mixture of magnesium oxide and magnesium nitrate according to the dry ashing method and arsenic residues were measured by silver diethyldithyocarbamate in UV spectrophotometer; copper, cadmium, zinc and lead levels were also determined using an atomic absorption spectrophotometer. In the analysis of the 120 samples for residues of heavy mettals, the average values were found to be: 1.43±0.81 ppm for lead, 0.09±0.02 ppm for cadmium, 5.83±0.73 ppm for copper, 15.93±3.26 ppm for zinc and 0.06±0.05 ppm for arsenic. Evaluation of the study results showed that these heavy metal levels were within the normal ranges for our country and other country's acceptable limits.


Van Lake, Mussels, Heavy metal, Pollution

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