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A total of 1134 laying hens (Hysex-Brown hibrid), 3 different groups bearing 378 laying hens at each group was used, in this study done to compare immunological effects of 3 different (Solvay, Intervet and Manisa) inactivated Newcastle vaccines with mineral oil adjuvant. Same vaccination program and rations were applied to chickens during the study. Inactivated Newcastle vaccines were used according to the prospectuse by subcutaneously at 17 th weeks before laying period. Blood samples were taken from 24 hens per group, by intracardiac punction, at 3 th weeks, 5 th weeks, 9 th weeks, 13 th weeks, 17 th weeks, 22 nd weeks, 27 th weeks, 32 nd weeks,37 th weeks, 45 th weeks and 52 nd weeks after vaccination. All sera were tested by micro hemaglutinasyon-inhibition (mHI) test Antibody titers were recorded as log2 and statical analysis was calculated by varians analysis. No significant differences were found in antibody titers among the vaccines for first nine months period (until 32 nd weeks). In the last measurements (at 37 th and 45 th weeks), higher antibody titers were obtained in Manisa group. This vaccine (Manisa) found at international quality must to combine with other vaccines (such as IB, Gumboro, EDS 76, E. coli, Salmonella, ext.,) for widespread using at poultry flocks in Turkey.


Inactivated Newcastle vaccines (Manisa, Intervet and Solvay), comparison, immunogenicity

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