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The aim of this study was to investigate the efficacy of the use of two different progestagens either singly or in a combination with GnRH on queen contraception. The study was performed on a total of 73 female cats of various breeds at various stages of cycles. Queens at interoestrous (n=35) and oestrous periods (n=38) of sexual activity were treated under two main groups. Twenty cats of the first main group at interoestrous period (Group-1/A) were administered 30 mg/kg (sc) proligestone (PRG) and the remaining 15 cats (Group-1/B) were administered 25 mg (sc) megestrol acetate (MA). The cats at oestrous period were first given 50 \mug gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH) (im). 48-96 hours following the application 23 of these cats (Group-2/A) were administered 30 mg/kg (sc) PRG, while the other 15 cats (Group-2/B) were administered 25 mg (sc) MA. The disappearance of oestrous symptoms was established to be 2.85±0.74 days in Group-1/A, 2.93±1.35 days in Group1/B, 3.08±0.84 days in Group-2/A and 2.86±0.64 days in Group-2/B. Following hormonal injection the periods of remaining calm were established to be 8.00±2.20 months in Group-1/A, 3.33±1.01 months in Group-1/B, 7.57±2.35 months in Group-2/A and 4.90±2.65 months in Group-2/B. No difference has been established among mean values from the point of view of the disappearance of oestrous symptoms among groups (Group-1/A:Group-1/B= p


Proligestone, Megestrol acetate, GnRH, Queen, Contraception

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