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In this study 57 cows at the puerperal stage (between 15-45 days) and at early pregnancy period (between 8-58 days) were subjected to clinical and Ultrasonography check at 10-day intervals. On the 8 th day of post insemination (p.ins.) areas of nidation ranging from 0,5-1,5 cm were established by means of US (n=53) and on 40 animals (70,2%) the development of these areas were followed until the 58th day of pregnancy. In the other 13 cows (22,8%), begining from early embriyonic featal deaths (18) days and late embriyonic featal deaths (28 days) were established ultrasonographycally. 4 animals (7,0%) that no areas of nidation were observed, from day 8 post insemination (p.ins.), were determined not be pregnant. In early embryonic deaths it has been observed that , oestrus was delayed, the diameter of corpus luteum were small (1,10-1,46 cm) while in late embryonic death in addition to these findings it has been observed that the wholeness of featal sacks were disordered, scattered in the form of snow flakes, and that the echogenic area narrowed. It has been found aut that the progesteron values followed in compatible with average diameter of corpora lutea in pregnant animals and embriyonic deaths. It has been determined that corpora lutea containing cavities did not affect pregnancy. A significant difference an average of 0,6 cm was found between the cows that became pregnant after insemination and there that did not become pregnant as result of assay of cornu uteri through US (p


Ultrasonography, Pregnancy, Embryonic death, Follicles, Corpus luteum, Ovarial cysts, Uterus and Progesteron

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