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This experiment was conducted to study the effects of different enzyme supplementation to wheat-and barley-based diets on the live weight gain, feed efficiency, dressing percentage and ileal pH of broiler chickens. Two hundred fourtyfive, day-old Ross-PM3 chicks were randomly assigned to a control and four treatment groups. Starter (1 to 21 days old) and grower (22 to 42 days old) diets were given without (control) or with different enzyme preparations, which are Avizyme 1200 (1000 mg/kg), Kemzyme Dry (500 mg/kg), Roxazyme-G (200 mg/kg) and Wheatzyme (700 mg/kg). At the end of the six week, average live weights of broilers were 1793.03, 1892.55, 1820.21, 1897.96 and 1751.09 g, and feed/gain ratios were 1.95, 1.91, 1.91, 1.85 and 1.94 for control and treated groups, respectively. At slaughter, dressing percentages were 71.78, 71.98, 72.66, 73.26 and 72.89%. There were no significant differences between groups in these respects, except that the average live weights in broilers fed Avizyme 1200 and Roxazyme-G supplemented diets were 5.55% and 5.85% respectively, higher than the control (p


Broiler, enzyme, wheat, barley, performance, ileal pH

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