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In this study, the effect natural end synthetic carotenoids on pigmentation of gold fish (Carassius auratus) was investigated. The fish were fed on diets containing 75 mg/kg zeaxanthin, astaxanthin, zeaxanthin+astaxanthin, 6% alfalfa, red pepper, carrot or plankton (Daphnia spp. and Scenedesmus spp.). At the end of the 60 days of experimental period, total carotenoid accumulation in the skin of the fish fed the experimental diets were 33.52±0.62 mg/kg for zeaxanthin, 29.84±0.50 mg/kg for red pepper, 27.07±0.62 mg/kg for Daphnia spp., 26.52±0.42 mg/kg for Scenedesmus spp., 25.84±0.62 mg/kg for astaxanthin+zeaxanthin, 23.95±0.68 mg/kg for astaxanthin, 19.95±0.66 mg/kg for carrot, 16.58±0.64 mg/kg for alfalfa and 11.59±0.33 mg/kg for the control group. Zeaxanthin, red pepper and planktonic organisms were more effective in the pigmentation of the fish than the other diets (p0.05).


Pigmentation, carotenoid, gold fish, Carassius auratus

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