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Seven hundred seventeen cattle, over the age of six months in the South Marmara Region (Bursa, Balıkesir and Çanakkale) were tested for the presence of Bovine Leukemia Virus (BLV)-antibody with ELISA.Blood and milk samples were taken from 362 and 355 cattle, respectively. Totally, sixty-nine cattle (9.62%) were found to be carriers of antibodies against BLV-gp 51 antigen.The BLV infection rate was found to be 13.25% and 5.91% in the sera and milk samples tested, respectively. The infection rate were determined to be 14.19 % in Bursa and 3.52 % in Balıkesir, but BLV seropositive cattle were not found in Çanakkale. It was observed that the highest infection rate was in the Karacabey provincial region of Bursa. By repeated hematological examinations of seropositive cattle, 30 (43.47%) cattle were found to have persistent lymphocytosis (PL).The infection rate was high in the herd at Karacabey. The total leucocyte count and lymphocyte percantages in the BLV+PL+ group were observed to be higher (P


Enzootic Bovine Leukosis, Prevalence, Management

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