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In this study, pollution caused by arsenic residues in grey mullets (Chalcarburnus tarichii, Pallas 1811) living in Van Lake were investigated. A Total 120 samples, from the four seasons from 01.01.1994 to 01.01.1995 were collected. The organic parts of the muscles were washed with a mixture of magnesium oxide and magnesium nitrate according to the dry ash method and arsenic residues were measured by silver diethyl dithyocarbamate in a spectrophotometer. By analyzing the 120 fish samples, arsenic residues were calculated to be 0.009 - 0.347 ppm (average 0.051±0.046). In light of these results as the arsenic residues in grey mullets were below the level of 10 ppm, the accepted limit, it was concluded that arsenic intoxication poses no risk to human health.


Lake Van, grey mullet, arsenic

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