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This study was conducted from the data of 3 years' research which was carried out at the Türkgeldi State Farm in 1993-1995. 1514 Türkgeldi prototype B_1 of Tahirova x Kıvırcık sheep including mature and young animals were used as the subjects of the study. Fecundity, litter size and viability rates were found to be 1.39; 1.52 and 95 % respectively. Birth weights, weaning weigths and weights at 120 days in the base and elite flocks were 3.53 and 3.65 kg; 19.73 and 20.87 kg; 27.46 and 29.18 kg respectively. Heritabilities of birth weight, weaning weight and weights at 120 days were 0.04; 0.10 and 0.18 respectively. The results showed that the newly obtained Türkgeldi type has high fertility and lactation yield and also good adaptability.


Türkgeldi sheep, sheep improvement

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