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The aim of this study was to check the ovulation rate, early pregnancy diagnosis, and the number of embryos and foetuses, and embryonic and foetal development using either FGA with a low dose PMSG(250 I.U.) or FGA without of PMSG in 2.5- 5.5-year-old white goats (Saanen X Kilis).Transrectal ultrasonography with a 5-7.5 MHz linear probe was used 7, 26, 33, 40, 50 and 57 days after mating. The ovulation rate was determined by the counting of corpora lutea in both of the ovaries 7 days after mating. The ovulation rate at day 7 in the PMSG group was (SE±)10.833±0.79, and in the control group (SE±)7.00±1.22 (P=0.024); on the 26th day the embryo numbers were, respectively, (SE±)2.750±0.164, (SE±)2.167±0.307(P=0.97); on the 50th day foetus numbers were, (SE±)2.00±0.189, (SE±)1.333±0.211(P=0.037); the numbers of kids born were (SE±)1.875±0.227, (SE±)1.333±0.211 (P=0.1). The correct determination of twinning was formed after the 50th day. The number of kids result at the 50th day of gestation was found to be consistent with the number of kids born. The embryonic measure-ments at the 26.33 and 40th of in pregnancy were between (SE±) 4.918±0.297 mm and 8.561±0.651 mm. Concerning the days and the groups during the 50th and 57th day of gestation, the measurements of placentome, foetal head and truncus varied as follows: (SE±)13.183±0.305, 17.70±1.97; 12.07±1.82, 16.35±4.11; 16.27±1.35, 25.10±1.20mm. As a result, the ovulation rate in the goats by intrarectal ultrasonography method can be determined for various aims. Early pregnancy determination can be achieved with a high accuracy rate.


Goat, Ulturasonography, Ovulation, Embryo, Foetus

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