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The aim of this project was characterization of monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) against O 1 Man. 69, a vaccine strain of the Ankara Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) Institute and detection of the antigenic variation in field virus strains. For that purpose,17 MAbs were used. Activities of MAbs against 146S, enzyme treated 146S (146S-T) and 12S antigenic particles of O 1 Man. 69 virus strain were estimated by indirect ELISA. Reaction to viral capsid proteins was detected by Western immunoblotting and detection of the neutralization specificity was done by both in vitro and in vivo neutralization tests and mouse protection assay. Twenty O type field virus strains collected from several provinces in Turkey were compared with the FMD virus vaccine strain by trapping ELISA. As a result of characterization studies, neutralizing Mabs against VP1 structural protein were identified.Thirteen field virus isolates were close to each other whereas seven did not share some of the epitopes with the vaccine strain.


Monoclonal antibodies, foot and mouth disease virus, characterization.

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