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In this study, the changes (IN) the iodine number (IN), the peroxide value (POV), and the refractive index (RI) of whiting ( Merlangius merlangus euxinus Nord., 1840) liver oil stored in a refrigerator and the relationships between them (4±1°C) were investigated. In a nine-week period, the (IN), the POV and the RI of whiting liver oil stored in the refrigerator were determined to be 169.39- 112.06, 3.56-15.25 meqg O 2 /kg and 1.4818-1.4777 respectively. During the storage, the IN and the RI decreased and the POV increased. The statistical relationships between the IN-POV, IN-RI and POV-RI were determined to be r 2 =0.8885, r 2 =0.4698 and r 2 =0.6802 respectively. It was concluded from the study that the IN changed depeding on the POV, and the RI changed depending on the POV and the IN.


Whiting liver oil, iodine number, Peroxide value, Refractive index

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