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This paper reports an investigation of the effects of acute and chronic carbon tetrachloride intoxications on the histologic structure of the liver and hematological values and electrocardiograms in rabbits. The rabbits were divided into 3 groups of 7. The first group was the control group, the second group was acutely intoxicated and the third group was chronically intoxicated. In the acutely intoxicated group, caryorexsis, along with necrosis was observed in the hepatocyte of the centrolobular area of the liver. In the chronically intoxicated group, connective tissue mass around the V. centralis increased. This increase of connective tissue caused chirrosis. Hematological values of the groups were as follows: red blood cells 5.86±0.6, 5.95±1.5, 4.26±0.7 billion/mm 3 ; white blood cell: 6.9±1.35, 5.90±0.8, 4.0±2.44 thousand/mm 3 ; hemoglobin concentration: 12.7±0.9, 13.6±1.5, 11.8±1.2 gr/dl; hema-tocrit value: 41.8±3.3, 44.6±4.9, 33.0±4.4%; sedimentation: 5.2±1.6, 8.0±2.8, 10.2±1.3 45°/1 hours respectively. The formula leukocyte was as follows: in the control group: neutrophil 34±5.3%, eosinophil 0.6±0.8%, basophil 0.2±0.4%, lymphocyte 62±5.02%, monocyte 3.2±0.97%. In the acutely intoxicated group: neutrophil 7.75±1.1%; eosinophil 1±0%; basophil 0±0%; lymphocyte 88.5±1.3%; monocyte 3.5±1.8%. In the chronically intoxicated group: neutrophil 60±8.51%; eosinophil 1±0.71%; basophil 0±0%; lymphocyte 35.75±7.33%; monocyte 3.2±0.83%. The extremity leads and 2 vertical and 1 horizontal chest leads were used in the electrocardiograph of the rabbits. All waves were observed in all derivations. The P and T waves were negative in the III and aR leads and positive in the other leads. The amplitudes of waves decreased (hypo voltage) as a result of intoxication. In the groups, the heart rates were 219±21 in the control, 215±17 in the acutaly intoxicated, 201±35 per minute in the chronically intoxicated and the mean electrical axes of the heart rate were 45°±20, 50°±27, 35°±20 respectively. Statistical comparisons were carried out using analysis of variance and Q test.


Carbon tetrachloride, intoxication, liver, blood parameters, electrocardiogram, rabbit.

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