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The present work was undertaken to show the histological structure and histometrically features of thymus and bursa of Fabricius of native geese. The general histologic structure of bursa of Fabricius was similar to the structure of many other birds stated in literature. By histometrical measurements, it was determined that the mean thickness of cortex and medulla of the lymphoid follicles in plicae were 89.06±3.23 ??and 196.8±3.08 ??respectively. The mean diameters of lympocytes in cortex were 4.54±0.08 ??while those of plasma cells were 6.36±0.33 ?. The mean diameters of lymphocytes in medulla were 4.49±0.08 ?, and that of plasma cells were 6.68±0.34 ?. In comparison of the diameters of lymphocytes in cortex with those of in medulla, it was seen that the statistical difference in both diameters was insignificant (p>0.01) while the diameters of the plasma cells were statistically significant (P


Bursa of Fabricius, Thymus, Histology, Geese.

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