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This investigation was carried out to observe the effects of single dose of cyclophosphamide on blood cells and whether these could be prevented by mesna or not. In this study, 24 albino male guinea pigs weighing 250-300 g were equally diveded into 4 groups. The first (control) and second groups animals were applied physiologic saline as placebo while third and fourth group animals were given mesna (21.5 mg/kg) at 0, 180, 360 and 540^{th} minutes intraperitoneally. In addition these, physiologic saline was injected to the first and third group animals while cyclophosphamide (68,1 mg/kg) was given to the second and fourth group animals at 20^{th} minute intraperitoneally. The blood samples were taken into heparinized tubes to estimate total leukocyte, erythrocyte and platelet counts, hemoglobin value, packed cell volume and differential count. It was observed that cyclophosphamide made a decrease in total erytrocyte and leukocyte counts, percentage of lymphocyte and packed cell volume in contrast to an increase in percentage of neutrophile. However, using cyclophosphamide with mesna showed that cyclophosphamide-caused decreases in leukocyte count and percentage of lymphocyte were partly increased by mesna. On the other hand mesna did not have any effect on blood cells when it was used alone.


Cyclophosphamide, mesna, blood parameters, guinea pigs

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