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The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between the types of transferrin and weight and live-weight gain of Morkaraman, Morkaraman x Dorsetdown, Morkaraman x Corriedale Lambs. Sixteen Morkaraman, 17 Morkaraman x Dorsetdown, 14 Morkaraman x Corriedale lambs were used as matirals. Using polyacril-amid gel electrophoresis technique, plasma samples were analysed for transferrin types. Transferrin types were found AA, AB, AM, BM, AD in Morkaraman lams, BS, MD, BB, AB, DD, AD and AE in Morkaraman x Dorsetdown lambs and BB, AB, BM, AM, MM, AA, MD in Morkaraman x Corriedale lambs. The highest gene frequencies were calculated 0.500 for TfA in Morkaraman, 0.324 for TfD Morkaraman x Dorsetdown and 0.500 for TfB in Morkaraman x Corriedale. There was not significant relationship between Tf types and birth weight and live-weight gain.


Transferrin, Morkaraman, Morkaraman x Dorsetdown, Morkaraman x Corriedale, Birth weight, live-weight gain.

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